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Vector> art and culture in context is a publication for art and culture in context, that mainly analyses the regional artistic and cultural situation of the South East European countries, in the process of transition, and of the Middle East region, subdued to the pressures of conflicts. Related to the social re-articulation, political awareness and economical re-structuration, the present situation of the proliferation and acceleration of the visual culture’s productions and practices requires a critical and reflexive analysis which could offer the coordinates of an attitudinal and behavioral re-orientation from the relational perspective of the cultural action.
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The name of the publication, PAVILION - journal for politics and culture, alludes to the relative temporary structure of contemporary art. Each issue of the PAVILION journal offers a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive content, as it presents various formats of articles, essays, interviews and artistic projects. In an age of specialization, PAVILION aims to be a new type of journal, addressing the inquisitive intellectuals. The journal is published twice a year, also with a free pdf version downloadable from the website, therefore enabling unlimited access to the journal's editions.
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IDEA art+society is a multiannual publication produced by IDEA, Cluj. It is published under its current form since 2003. The "gallery" section of the magazine has shown artist projects by Iosif Kiraly, Denes Miklosi, Ioan Godeanu, Daniel Knorr, Ciprian Mureşan, Ioana Nemeș, Matei Bejenaru, Szabolcs KissP, Ștefan Constaninescu, Ovekk_Finn, Ion Grigorescu, Szilard Miklos, Medko Solakov, Lukasz Skapski, and Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkácová. Among the collaborators one can find names such as Cosmin Costinaș, Atilla Tordai S, Marius Babias, Alina Șerban, Al. Polgar, Irina Cios, Ciprian Mihali, Liviana Dan, Ștefan Tiron, Simona Nastac. Under the "archive" can one read relevant critical text. For example, the current issue has texts signed by Paul de Man, Alain Badiou, and Jacques Rancière.
contemporary art platform - magazines
copertă IDEA art+society #29

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