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Young Artists’ Biennial

The Young Artists’ Biennial aims to promote young artists’ creation, and to establish cooperation networks at an international level. By placing the accent on the contact and collaboration between multiple disciplines, the project develops the present cultural environment. At the same time, the project tries to set the local cultural and artistic context in an international framework, by facilitating contact between young artists and critics, but also by harmonizing actions at an institutional level, aiming to stabilize a coherent organizational network in the cultural field.
contemporary art platform - biennials

Bucharest Biennale

BUCHAREST BIENNALE - Bucharest international Biennial for Contemporary Art - is building a strong partnership between Bucharest - which is more than a city, it is a symbol of how political can be reflected in every aspect of life - and the rest of the world; it links to an universal problem - that does not take into consideration the geographical or historical context - the problem of resistance in daily life, of details and feeling as a way of living. BB is a structure able to transform the City in itself into an ongoing workshop-cum-field of action. For the above reasons PAVILION uses 5-7 spaces in Bucharest trying for discover the hidden geography of the city.
contemporary art platform - biennials

Periferic Biennial, IaÅŸi

The aim of Periferic is to collect different artistic attitudes related to the CENTRE - PERIPHERY relationship and also to create a series of theoretical discussions about the conditions for art production in different cultural contexts. In the last editions Periferic developped different educational programmes in the idea to get a better local visibility, as well as to promote regional artistic collaborations. Periferic also developed a local contemporary art scene.
contemporary art platform - biennials

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