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Liliana Basarab

Liliana Basarab

Liliana Basarab (born 1979) is a visual artist and lives and works in Iasi, Romania. She was part of Le Pavillon, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.

In some of my process based works, the final outcome is based on the idea of “democratic vote”. And if it seam that initially the work is addressing a broad public, steps by steps there are less and less participants, leading to a “winner”.

The narrowing of project during the building process, a failure of the initial generosity accompanied by a critique of the collaboration projects are some of the ideas that will be discussed in this presentation. The projects can be realized in any context but each context will determine the final visual outcome. And then: Where is the power that an artist can wish for? Is there any power left? What kind of power/independence can she/he wish for? Which are the building mechanisms of an art project? And what are the steps of negotiation?

The permanent recycling of symbols has always played a paramount role in my work and made me always attempt and search for ways of translating abstract concepts into a visual language; those concepts are changing and yet are being more or less the same. Therefore my works become these slow and long process based projects, materialized as the result of a multitude of layers between different stages within the artistic production. (Liliana Basarab)



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