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Ciprian MureÅŸan

Ciprian MureÅŸan

Ciprian Mureşan (born in 1977) – graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj. The creative activity of Cirprian Muresan includes drawing, painting, graphics, video and sculpture. With the use of the mentioned media the artist carries out deconstruction of the reality, both the one existing directly and the one created by media commentaries: films, press comments, TV broadcasts.

By making analysis of the history and contemporary culture, the artist makes use of subtle humour and game of meanings thus  referring to ideological icons (Caucescu’s Portrait – a video realized jointly with Adrian Ghenie), film ones (Un chien andalou – a series of 15 drawings), popculture ones (video Choose…) and artistic ones (The End of Five-Year Plan – a wax sculpture presenting an Orthodox priest, made in close affinity to the famous La Nona Ora by Maurizio Cattelan). He analyses issues in state - Church relation, he deconstructs the core of contemporary utopias, he shows the status of cartoon and comic books characters as well as he examines the influence of contemporary technologies on formulating visual messages. In some of his projects Ciprian Muresan takes a look at historical remembrance of the Romanians, he poses questions regarding the status of the past and its influence on current social attitudes. He has presented his works during, among many others, I Art Biennial in Athens (2007), III Biennial in Prague (2007), exhibitions Dada East? Romanian Context of Dadaizm, at ZachÄ™ta – National Art Gallery in Warsaw (2008), as well as during individual exhibitions such as  Auto da Fe (presentation of the Gallery of Andreian Mihail during Art Basel 2008), Wygnanie z Raju [Banishment from Eden] (Gallery Raster, Warsaw 2007), I Believe I Can Fall (Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles 2007), Choose... (Gallery Plan B, Cluj 2007). Ciprian Muresan is one of the artist representing Romania during 53. Art Biennial in Venice in 2009.

Ciprian MureÅŸan is represented by the galleries:

Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

Galeria Plan B, Cluj/Berlin


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